V-ImagingPlus products and history

V-ImagingPlus's product lines include industrial product lines and medical product lines. The industrial product line includes: industrial CT, CT software, and inspection services. The medical product line includes: medical equipment, medical software.

In 2018, while researching image processing, the company's founding team discovered that there was a lack of image algorithms with excellent results in the X-ray image and CT field. They started to accumulate rapidly in this field and gradually launched products. The company quickly grew and cemented itself. Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for excellence at everything we do.

V-ImagingPlus people and culture

Our people are what make us unique.

We provide them with an environment that supports professional growth. 

Jiayin Liu


Graduated from Pusan National University, Korea, Jiayin Liu received a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering and a Doctor’s Degree in Image Processing in 2009 and 2012.  In 2014, She started her career as an algorithm Engineer in China. Her career drives by her strong academic background and entrepreneurship mindset. She started her venture in China in 2015. After five years, Jiayin’s first venture has successfully well-accepted by the market and clients, gaining a significant market and awareness. Ms. Liu strongly believes that her unique imaging process algorithm and integrated service solutions will have a promising development opportunity in the global market. Currently, it is an excellent time to expand the business to Canadian and US markets and set up headquarters in Canada by leveraging Canada’s top talent resources, advanced manufacturing policy, and a congenial and supportive entrepreneurship business environment.

Xinxin Liu

Product and Business Director – Medical Device Sector

Graduated from Southwest Medical University, the top tier China Medical University, Stomatology, Xinxin Liu started her career as a resident oral physician in West China School/hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University in 2018. Her postgraduate research project is [Clinical application of CBCT three-dimensional reconstruction in oral implantology]. After receiving her dental practitioner qualification certificate in 2018, Xinxin decided to start her dental clinic practices in China, which is being successfully operated for four years. Xinxin Liu realizes that the imaging process will be a promising future opportunity in the medical device industry. She will lead VIPI’s medica device and imagine software solutions.

Yuan He

Product quality controller and Finance Manager

With extensive industrial sectors’ quality control and Global ISO implementation, Yuan He brings over 15+ years quality and ISO experiences and will be responsible for VIPI’s entire product/service quality manufacturing control. He Yuan is in charge of all industrial and medical products in North America market’s necessary FDA applications, necessary regulation document submission and process approval matters. Given her rich experience of corporate finance and capital management in multiple industries, she will manage VIPI date to date finance and future investment activities.  In addition, she used to work at China railway manufacture – Business (Sales) Unit and developed a full spectrum of sales operation and customer service guideline, which will be beneficial to VIPI’s North America market business development and sales operation.

Xiaoyu Dong

Head of Imaging Algorithm Engineer

After spending over 7 years in financial and banking sector, she decided to pursue her dream and passion in information technology. Ms. Dong started her postgraduate study in Australia and received her Graduated Certificate in Information Technology at University of Queensland. The development of Imaging Process field inspired her to pursue master’s degree of Information Technology, specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Engineering. Given large amount of imaging process detected raw data and increased demand of fast processing, the application of AI and Data Science will be an inevitable trend in the field of computed tomography. Xiaoyu Dong’s solid academic background and working experience are valuable assets to VIPI’s long term development.  


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