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Industrial CT

Industrial CT scanning is a nondestructive testing method which can accurately inspect parts internally and externally in 3D. This non-contact, X-ray technology allows an object to be scanned in Free State form, leaving the part available for use after testing. The advantages presented in this nondestructive testing method are clear. CT scanning can reduce potential operational costs by minimizing time allocated toward pre-production design and production. This method of inspection aims to enhance product quality and provides high level of accuracy which would be difficult to assume with any other nondestructive testing method. Most importantly, it is a fast and easy internal inspection method which leaves your part intact.

Granite 225/320/450/600

Granite macro-focus series Industrial CT are available with different energy levels of 225kV/320kV/450kV/600kV X-ray tubes and Flat Panel Detectors up to 17"



Marble micro-focus Series industrial CT are available with closed micro-focus tubes of 130kV/150kV energy and with Flat Panel Detectors of 85/100 micron pixel size.

Keystone DTS updates tranditional DR with Digital TomoSynthesis (DTS). DTS is an advanced imaging technology, provides high-quality, multi-layered images that address the portion of conventional DR that are not visualized due to overlapping structures, with a simple and fast workflow for examinations while substantially reducing exposure dose.

Keystone DTS


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